Presiding Apostle

The Presiding Apostle is the National Leader of the Faith, the Chairperson of the Guild and the Executive Director of the Born Again Faith Federation; and a symbol of perpetuity of the Born Again Faith and shall uphold the integrity, respect and honor of the divine authority of the Apostolic Office in Uganda. 

The Presiding Apostle is member of the Guild and a Pastor of a church and of outstanding character and moral integrity in ministry.

The Presiding Apostle is elected at the National Leaders’ Convention by adult suffrage of all member churches with capacity to vote. He exercises executive powers vested in him by the National Leaders’ Convention in accordance to the Born Again Faith Constitution.

He serves a five year term of office and is eligible for re-election for another term, charged with the responsibility of overseeing the propagation of the vision as well as leading and controlling the overall operation of the Born Again Faith, the Guild and the Born Again Faith Federation.

He is deputized by four Deputy Presiding Apostles of the four provinces of the Born Again Faith, whom he nominates and appoints and ratified by the Guild at the National Leaders’ Convention.