Ap. Dr. Joseph Serwadda

Dr. Joseph Serwadda hails from Kalungu District. He holds a Certificate in Journalism, Diploma in Christian Ministry, Diploma in Theology, Diploma in Legal Studies, Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, Masters in Theology, Doctorate in Divinity and two Honorary Doctorates (D.H.L and D.M.). He is currently working on four (books) manuscripts during his free time. He is married to Freda.

He got converted on Christmas eve 1975 and joined the Full Gospel Mission during the height of Amin's tyrannical and brutal regime. He  was supported by this same Church in 1977 to travel to Nairobi,  Kenya where he studied Journalism. He then went to the Grace Baptist Bible School in Ruaraka, Thika Rd, one of the suburbs of Nairobi.

Joseph saw Jesus in an open vision when he went on a 'dry' fast which lasted 11 days. In the same vision, he was directed to champion a street outreach ministry in Kampala. He first came to limelight when he staged Open-air  Gospel Crusades around Kampala City  in Kiyembe, Car Park, Owino Market and Wandegeya Yard that lasted for a solid five years (1982-1988) revealing his prolific gift as an Evangelist, Christian Apologetic and Activist.

During these open air crusades which he conducted with a colleague, Deo Balabyekkubo (RIP) they were confronted on many occasions by Muslim extremists also known as Tabliqhs and open debates ensued on the person of Jesus Christ and Christian theology. Two of these occasions involved assault on him with fire-arms. Another incident in which a hand grenade was hurled at him, forty-eight people were wounded and killed six on the spot. Joseph was however miraculously able to walk away with minor injuries. From these meetings, he established a teaching ministry that founded the Victory Christian Centre Church, one of the mega-churches in Kampala with over 470 churches have been pioneered across Uganda and elsewhere.

He has written numerous selected articles for the local newspapers, held radio shows in Europe and appeared on National Television stations in Australia, New Zealand, USA and many African nations. He also speaks on topical issues on request. Joseph has written 4 inspirational books namely;

  1. The Kind That Jesus Called Great Faith 
  2. Victory and what it takes  
  3. How to clean the house without messing it,  
  4. Untapped Resource in Uganda's Development.

Serwadda is an avowed critic of bad governance and preaches with high spiritual power, anointing and energy. He constantly believes that the stunted growth of the Evangelical and Pentecostal Churches in Uganda should be blamed on the dictatorship of Idd Amin (1971-1979). His recent fame shot up when in 2005  he championed a campaign to repeal the Dictator's 1977 decree, declare the Pentecostal (and a section of the Evangelical churches) a separate faith from the Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox and Islam faiths which Amin had retained as the only authentic 'religions' in his regime.

A forward thinker and astute planner, he has used his training in media to establish Impact FM and Alpha FM radio stations. It is these stations coupled with his high energy preaching that seem to be the driving force for the droves he collects in his meetings. His annual end of year Passover Festival rallies at the Mandela National Stadium since 2002 have  gathered record  attendances of more than 120,000 in a single service. 

Presiding Apostle